Yaadcore is a cultured roots reggae selector that has recently infiltrated not only Jamaica’s new
generation of reggae greats, but he has also quickly become a favorite in America, Europe, and Africa. Also the official DJ for reggae artist Protoje, Yaadcore’s unmistakable charisma, new age style and heavy selections has set him apart as one of reggae’s most welcome opening acts.

As his name suggests, he is at the center of Jamaica’s Reggae Revival. His role in the movement is
cemented by the fact that he was the first person to ever play the music of Kabaka Pyramid and Chronixx on Jamaican radio. Now on the road with Protoje, Yaadcore has toured California and Europe, performing mystical sets in places such as Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium.

Growing up observing his father operate a sound system, Yaadcore naturally gravitated toward the same profession. As an adult, maturity urged him to decide what kind of music he would play at public events. He naturally opted for spiritually healing, organic reggae music and soon stopped accepting work in other genres.

Yaadcore settled into a weekly groove of selecting tunes at his increasingly popular Dubwise Jamaica event in Kingston on Wednesdays that has grown to become an international brand. Dubwise features a weekly roots reggae vibrations in Miami, Florida. The movement has grown to include pop up events in Washington DC, Atlanta, New York and Oakland, with international roots sown in Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda, Hungary, Romania, Malta, Germany, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Those unable to have the Yaadcore experience in person need not go further than their computers. His SoundCloud page is a treasure chest of his globally acclaimed mixes, including the Reggae Aroma’s Volume 1 - 4 which have gained listens up to 210k + plays plus his official Protoje mixtapes that have over 100k+ hits along with a marijuana themed mix collaboration with the well renown VP Records that hits 260k + plays.