Farmer Man by Fari DiFuture

Fari DiFuture - Farmer Man

12 Yaad Records presents the king’s son from Kingston and the Farmer Man Anthem!!!!

Known for his melodious lyrics and formidable flow, Reggae artist Fari DiFuture cultivated his prowess to deliver his new single dubbed “Farmer Man”, arranged to sow the seeds of appreciation for our local produce; and encouragement for local farmers who face the back bending plight of feeding Jamaica.

Fresh lyrics combined with organic roots rock reggae sounds, Fari DiFuture from the HOW KLEAR movement highlights the necessity of self-sufficiency and redemption, in an effort to send a message to the developing minds that love of land, is love of self.

Jamaica, Land We Love.

Highlighting socio-cultural and political issues which thrive throughout the island, Fari DiFuture expresses fluency and vocal range on a variety of topics which promote sustainable levity; celebrate the island flavor and cuisine; discuss the reality of empty dams and ensuing drought, to the non-appreciation of the lambs breath and the burning of ganja trees, which remains contradictory, as to date, marijuana remains synonymous with tourism and brand Jamaica.

Heights Of Wisdom, Know, Learn, Execute And Rise  

Farmer Man is the first single to be released on the 12 Yaad label, and has been available digitally since April 21st  on all major web distribution outlets online. 

Stay connected for updates on the Farmer Man music video and vinyl release.